Dr. L. Satyanarayana , Scientist-G

Email:  [email protected] or [email protected]
Phone: 01202579471
Department: Cytopathology


Professional Experience

  • PhD statistics ­C.C.S. Meerut
  • M.Sc. (Statistics) ­ Andhra Univ.,Waltair
  • INDO­US short training courses in Cancer epidemiology and Statistical methods in Epidemilogy, Delhi &Ahmadabad, India, 1990­92.
  • Training on Ethical Review for Protection of Human participant. involving in research on 29­-4-­06 by ICMR & NIH at Delhi


Research Interests

  • Cancer Epidemiology and Teaching Biostatistics & Quantitative Epidemiology methods
  • Fellow of Indian Society for Medical Statistics (FSMS) awarded in
  • Principal author of a paper which won Ist Prize in AOGIN 2012(Asia Ociania Research
  • Organization in Genital infection and Neoplasia) for the oral paper presentation by Dr smita Asthana.
  • Suraj Kali Jain Award for Young Scientist for paper published in Medical Statistics.
  • FOCUS AREA OF RESEARCH­ Cancer Epidemiology and Teaching Biostatistics & Quantitative Epidemiology methods
  • Planning, monitoring and conduct of epidemiological studies, Administration of filed projects, research coordination, teaching and guiding junior scientists for Statistical analysis
  • Course coordinator for “Orientation courses in Medical Research Methodology and Bio­statistical Methods of Analysis on Medical data” ­ BIOSTATISTICS AND EPIDEMIOLOGY TRAINING COURSES (BETC). The courses are targeted for  Medical faculty, Medical post­graduate students & Ph.D. students from Basic Sciences from Delhi and other Medical InstitutionsResearch Methodology and Basic methods of Biostatistcs. This is an ongoing training program activity in the division.

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