Dr. Showket Hussain

Dr. Showket Hussain
Scientist D
Educational Qualification: MS, Ph.D., Post doctorate | Department: Molecular Oncology & Molecular Diagnostics
Work Experience: 18 years
BIOS: My laboratory’s focus is on the important common cancers in which we are trying to map the genetic landscapes to come up with some novel India specific/predisposed genetic markers which may eventually help in diagnosis / management of these cancers. I have published more than 90 research papers including book chapters in reputed journals. In the current COVID-19 pandemic, I am also In-charge of data management laboratory of our institute’s high throughput RT-PCR laboratory. Most importantly, my Laboratory is providing HPV DNA diagnostics and teaching/training to young and curious minds who are eager to take up cancer research as career
Research Interests: Cancer cell signaling, tumor virology, cancer genomics, Cancer diagnostics  and epigenetics.