Dr. Showket Hussain

Dr. Showket Hussain
Scientist D
Educational Qualification: MS, Ph.D., Post doctorate | Department: Molecular Oncology & Molecular Diagnostics
Work Experience: 18 years

My laboratory is extensively working in India on Human Papillomavirus (HPV) research and cervical cancer. My major areas of research interest at present are HPV-DNA diagnostics, transcriptional regulation of viral oncogene expression, cancer drug discovery, micro-RNA research, cancer signaling pathways epigenetics and immune-therapeutics.

Moreover, the laboratory also works on other cancers such as Breast, Gall bladder, esophageal wherein we are trying to map the genetic landscapes to come up with some novel India specific/predisposed genetic markers which may eventually help in diagnosis / management of these cancers. I have published more than 100 research papers including book chapters in reputed journals and have several ongoing projects as principal investigator. Most importantly, my Laboratory is recognized by CDSCO providing HPV DNA diagnostics and teaching/training to young and curious minds who are eager to take up cancer research as career.

Research Interests: Cancer research, tumor virology, cancer genomics, and Cancer diagnostics