Dr. R. Suresh Kumar

Dr. R. Suresh Kumar
Scientist E
Educational Qualification: Ph. D. (Life Sciences), M. Phil. (Genetics) | Department: Molecular Genetics
Work Experience: 33 years post-MD

0120 2579471

BIOS: Dr.R.Suresh Kumar Joined as Scientiast B at NICPR in 2001 and presently working as Scientist E in the molecular Biology group. He did his MPhil in Genetics in the field of Genetics of prelingual deafness from Madras University, Tamilnadu, and Ph.D. in the field of Extracurricular activities
of Telomerase from School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi. During Ph.D., he unraveled the novel function of telomerase RNA and found certain genes having a positive association with the Expression of Telomerase RNA, opening new avenues for cancer targets. During his tenure at NICPR (formerly ICPO) he ventured in development of novel expression delivery vectors and Epigenetics in cancers. Presently his area of interest lies in Chemoprevention, Exosomes, Telomerase, Epigenetics in oral cancer, tobacco mediated carcinogenesis.

Research Interests: Cancer Epigenetics, Telomerase, Chemoprevention, Tobacco mediated carcinogenesis