Dr. Dinesh Kumar

Dr. Dinesh Kumar
Scientist B
Educational Qualification: Ph.D Animal Biotechnology | Department: Molecular Biology

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BIOS: Stemc cells, Cancer drug resistance, Next generation sequencing-RNAseq and epigenetics
Induced pluripotent stem cell technology is a new hope in the field of regenerative medicine. Its potential has been assessed for generation of different types of cells. I am interested to generate CAR-T cells from iPSCs.
Mesenchymal stem cells have shown promising role in the field of degenerative disease in vivo and in vitro. I am interested to explore the use of mesenchymal stem cells to treat cancers.
Cancer drug resistance has been attributed with mortality due to disease. I am interested to decipher the role of DNA damage response genes in cancer drug resistance.
I am interested in use of Bioinformatic approaches for analyzing RNAseq data to decipher role of co-expressing genes in cancer resistance.
Research Interests: Stem cell use in Cancer therapy, Cancer Drug resistance, Phytochemicals use for Cancer therapy, Molecular approached for diagnosis and treatment of Cancer
Bioinformatics approaches for molecular biology research: NGS data analysis and Protein Protein Interactions
Ongoing project: Establishment and Transcription profiling multidrug resistant ovarian cancer cells