List of Projects

S.No. Title of the Project Funding Agency PI Details of Co-PI Date of Start Date of Completion Status (Ongoing/Approved/Sanctioned)
1. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor and its receptor Trk-B in gall bladder carcinoma: potential biomarkers and prognostic marker ICMR Dr. Ruchika Gupta, Scientist E, Cytopathology Prof. Puja Sakhuja, GBPIMER; Prof. Anil Aggarwal, GBPIMER; Dr. Suresh T Hedau, ICMR-NICPR; Dr. Ratna Chopra, HRH March, 2021 March, 2024 Ongoing
2. Evaluation of non-invasive adjuncts in OPMDs for early detection of oral cancer and development of risk-based OPMD management protocol in a primary healthcare setting ICMR Dr. Ruchika Gupta, Scientist E, Cytopathology Dr. Prashant K Singh, ICMR-NICPR; Dr. Sudhir Tanwar, ICMR-NICPR; Dr. Lucky Singh, ICMR-NIMS; Dr. Shalini Gupta, CDER, AIIMS; Dr. Apurva Ratnu, Niramay Charitable Trust, Gandhinagar February, 2024 February, 2027 Ongoing
3. Identification of key genes, microRNA and transcriptional regulators in cervical cancer using Network Biology approach ICMR Dr Subhash Agarwal June, 2023 June, 2026 Ongoing
4. To decipher and target the metabolic signatures associated with Epirubicin-resistant triple negative breast cancer ICMR Dr. Suresh Thamdeo Hedau Dr Mausumi Bharadwaj November, 2021 November, 2024 Ongoing
5. Identification of prognostic marker for mTOR kinase inhibitor and their mechanisms of therapeutic resistance in breast cancer DHR Dr. Suresh Thamdeo Hedau Dr. Shalini Singh December, 2021 December, 2024 Ongoing
6. Evaluating the efficacy of interferon-mediators in combination with α-fetoprotein and  Des-γ -carboxy-prothrombin in diagnosing hepatocellular carcinoma NICPR Dr. Anuj Kumar Dr Pramod Kumar, Dr Ekta Gupta, Dr Mausumi Bharadwaj October, 2022 October,, 2024 Ongoing
7. Role of genetic factors associated with smokeless tobacco cessation in northern India DHR(MRHRU) Dr. Anuj Kumar Dr. Sudhir Tanwar Sanctioned
8. To study the 5-Flurouracil induced genes and potential of phytochemicals for drug resistance reversal in cancer cell lines : NICPR Dr Dinesh Kumar Dr Pramod Kumar April, 2023 March, 2026 Ongoing
9. Advent of Omics Technologies in Precision Diagnostics and Targeted Therapeutics (Under HRD scheme of DHR - Support to Institutes) DHR Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Scientist B Dr. Showket Hussain, Scientist E July, 2023 July, 2026 Ongoing
10. Decoding the epigenomic pathophysiology in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and PCOS-linked gynecologic oncogenesis NICPR Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Scientist B Dr. Showket Hussain, Scientist E; Dr. Bindiya Gupta, Prof. UCMS and GTB Hospital November, 2022 December, 2024 Ongoing
11. Validation study of indigenous HPV tests for cervical cancer screening (i-HPV) BIRAC Dr. Neerja Bhatla Dr. Seema Singhal ( AIIMS NEW Delhi); Dr. Shalini Singh ( Site PI); Dr. Showket Hussain January, 2024 July, 2024 Ongoing
12. Development and validation of a lab-on-a-chip integrated DNA extraction and LAMP-based detection of high-risk HPV genotypes ICMR Dr. Ravi Krishnan, IIT Delhi, Dr. Showket Hussain, ( Site PI), Dr. Shalini Singh March, 2024 Feburary, 2027 Ongoing
13. Hands on Training in HPV- DNA Diagnostics. DHR Dr. Showket Hussain Dr. Shalini Singh, Dr. Nazneen Arif March, 2024 March, 2029 Ongoing
14. Molecular Evaluation of Anticancer and Antiviral properties of Thuja Occidentalis” AYUSH Dr.R.Suresh Kumar Dr. Rana Pratap singh, Dr. Arya, Dr. Binit Dwivedi January, 2017 March, 2024 Completed
15. Evaluation of Histone demethylases KDM5A,5B expression and its role in oral cancers. NICPR Dr. R. Suresh Kumar Dr.Pravesh Mehra, Dr. Kiran Garwal, Dr. Ruchika April, 2021 March, 2025 ongoing
16. Assessment of Genetic and Epigenetic Alterations in SARSCOV-2 Positive samples NICPR Dr. R. Suresh Kumar Dr. Shalini Singh, Dr. Nazneen April, 2023 March, 2025 ongoing
17. Identification of rare variants in Pattern recognition receptors (PPRs) and their crosstalk with Interleukins and NF-kB to understand the functional Implications in Reproductive Tract Infections (RTIs) ICMR Dr.Mausumi Bharadwaj Dr.Shalini Singh December, 2021 November, 2024 ongoing
18. Basic Molecular Biology Techniques Relevant to Cancer Research – Hands on Training DHR Dr.Mausumi Bharadwaj December, 2019 November, 2024 ongoing
19. Setting up of “Population Based Cancer Registry at National Institute of Cancer Prevention & Research covering Gautam Budh Nagar” NCDIR (ICMR) Dr Smita Asthana August, 2017 March, 2024 Completed
20. ICMR Capacity Strengthening Program for Disease Burden Estimation ICMR Dr Shalini Singh Dr Prashant K Singh, Dr Smita Asthana November, 2023 August, 2024 Ongoing
21. Determinants of Human Papillomavirus vaccine acceptance among parents of girls and young women and interventions to improve vaccine uptake among girls in India (Multicentric study) NARI (ICMR) Dr. Pallavi Shidaye, Scientist C, ICMR-NARI , Dr.Ekta Gupta, (Site PI) Site PsI: Dr.K Rekhadevi, Sci-E, Dr.Ekta Gupta, Sci-E, ICMR-NICPR, Dr.Shrinivasa B M, Sci-C, Dr.Pournami AP, Sci-B; Dr.Santhosh Kumar, Sci-C, Dr.Tanwi Trushna, Sci-C January, 2024 December, 2025 Ongoing
22. Antibody Response following One Dose of Cervavac® and One Dose of Gardasil® Vaccine in Healthy Indian Girls Aged 9-14 Years: A Non-inferiority, Multicenter, Double-blind, Randomized Controlled trial ICMR Dr. Sheela Godbole, ICMR-NARI Site PI: Dr. Ekta Gupta, Sci-E, ICMR-NICPR ;Dr. Suman Kanungo. Sci-F, ICMR-NICED Approved
23. DLSS-Sentinel Surveillance for tuberculosis burden in India 2022-2024 -Task Force NIRT Dr Nazneen Arif Dr Smita Asthana Dr C.P. Yadav Ongoing
24. Helicobacter pylori and Epstein-Barr virus co-infection in patients of Gastric Carcinoma NICPR Dr Nazneen Arif Dr Sandeep Kumar March, 2023 March, 2026 Ongoing
25. Knowledge, Attitude & Practices related to Tobacco / Areca Nut use and Oral Cancer among College Students: A cross-sectional quantitative pilot study from Govt. Degree College Noida NICPR Dr. Sudhir Tanwar Dr. Prashant K Singh, Dr. Ruchika Gupta March, 2023 March, 2025 Ongoing
26. Challenges in tobacco cessation: a mixed method, community based study from Noida, Uttar Pradesh NICPR Dr. Sudhir Tanwar Dr. Prashant K Singh, Dr. Ruchika Gupta March, 2023 March, 2025 Ongoing
27. Understanding psychosocial determinants and other mediators in tobacco cessation and their relationship with quitting: A longitudinal, quantitative study from Karnal district in Haryana DHR(MRHRU) Dr. Sudhir Tanwar Dr. Prashant K Singh, Dr. Ruchika Gupta, Dr. CP Yadav Jan, 2024 December, 2026 Sanctioned
28. Role of intra-tumoral microbiome in progression of Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) ICMR Dr Pramod Kumar Dr Shalini Singh, Dr Shalini Gupta (AIIMS, Delhi) January, 2024 January, 2027 Ongoing
29. Immune response to precautionary third dose of COVISHIELD/COVAXIN among healthy adult population: an ICMR Cohort study, India ICMR Dr Pramod Kumar Dr Anuj Kumar February, 2023 February, 2025 Ongoing
30. Genomic sequencing of HCV associated with Hepatocellular Carcinoma to identify conserved regions for vaccine candidates NICPR Dr Pramod Kumar Dr Anuj Kumar, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dr Sandhya Kabra, NCDC, Delhi, Dr Partha Rakshit, NCDC Delhi April, 2023 April, 2025 Ongoing
31. In vitro effect of R-nicotine on lung and oral cancer cell proliferation NICPR Dr Pramod Kumar Dr Shalini Singh April, 2023 April, 2025 Ongoing
32. Assessment of Immune suppressive response in tumor microenvironment in oral cancer NICPR Dr Pramod Kumar Dr Shalini Singh, Dr Shalini Gupta (AIIMS, Delhi) April, 2023 April, 2025 Ongoing
33. Accelerating effort to END TB in India--AccEEnd TB Project - ICMR Task force Project NIRT (ICMR) Dr. CP Yadav Dr Nazneen Arif,Dr Smita Asthana and Dr. Kakoli April, 2023 April, 2025 Ongoing
34. Development of digital malaria dashboard for easry and inromative retrieval of data from village to country level ICMR Dr. CP Yadav Dr. Amit Sharma, ICGEB, Dr. Srikant, VCRC and Dr. K Hari Kishan Raju, VCRC September, 2024 September, 2026 Ongoing
35. WHO-FCTC knowledge hub on smokeless tobacco NICPR Dr Shalini Singh Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh Ongoing
36. Understanding availability of Essential Diagnostics in health care system: identifying barriers and facilitators ICMR-task force Project ICMR Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh Dr. CP Yadav November, 2023 May, 2024 Ongoing
37. Strengthening and advancing Smokeless Tobacco Control through implementation of evidence based frameworks addressing TAPS, PHW and public use of SLT in India Vital Strategies, Bloomberg Initiative in Tobacco Control Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh Dr Shalini Singh January, 2022 December, 2024 Sanctioned
38. MRHRU Gautam Buddha Nagar DHR(MRHRU) Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh Dr Sandeep Kumar January, 2022 December, 2024 Ongoing
39. Trends, pattern and determinants of modifiable risk factor of cancer and other non-communicable diseases ICMR Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh Dr. Kakoli Borkotoky October, 2023 October, 2024 Ongoing
40. Development of an Mobile App & Web based System for Screening, Risk Assessment, Management and follow-up of Tobacco Cessation : a demonstration study at NICPR, Noida ICMR Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh Dr Sudhir Tanwar Februray 2023 June, 2024 Ongoing
41. To study the Knowledge , Attitude ,Behavior with regard to Non-Communicable diseases among the college students NICPR Dr Malasha Kumari Dr Smita Asthana March, 2023 December, 2024 Ongoing
42. National Tobacco Testing Laboratory MoHFW Dr Shalini Singh Dr Muasumi Bhardwaj, Dr Anuj Kumar 2018 01-03-2025 Ongoing
43. MRHRU Panipat DHR (MRHRU) Dr Ruchika Gupta Dr CP Yadav 2020 01-03-2025 Ongoing