Dr. Shashi Sharma

Dr. Shashi Sharma, Scientist-G

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0120-2578837
Department: Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Educational Qualifications

  • Doctorate ­Ph.D from CCS University Meerut Meerut College in June 2009
  • MA   from Delhi (Hindu College) in 1980
  • MA (Statistics) from Delhi (Hindu College) in 1981
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Hons Mathematical Statistics) Gold Medallist Delhi (Hindu College) in 1977

Research Interests

  • Computerisation of various research projects, Data Management of cancer related studies, Statistical analysis and Research coordination, Database Development.

Membership of Professional Societies
1. Indian Society of Medical Statistics (Life Member)
2. Indian Association for Cancer Research (Life Member)
Received Award for best poster presentation in Silver Jubilee National Conference of Indian Society for Medical statistics(ISMS) at Manipal University, Manipal from Nov 30 to Dec2, 2007

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