The Data Management Laboratory is a specialized unit for developing and providing professional data management solutions/applications for programs of ICMR and medical fraternity from medical college / research institutes. It will help in development of secure and robust data portals and knowledge hubs, long term data storage and management, providing standards in data collection and sharing and mining.


Computer-aided drug design
Next Generation Sequencing Analysis
Web Designing
Database Management


“India Against Cancer” is a portal that provides information on the leading cancers in India with a major focus on awareness, prevention and treatment of these cancers. The portal currently focuses on information for the general public and patients and will be upgraded in the near future to include relevant details for health care providers. This website can be accessed from

“OrCanome” is one of the largest and comprehensive, user-friendly database of oral cancer. OrCanome is a compilation of over 900 genes dysregulated in oral cancer and provides detailed annotations of the genes, transcripts and proteins along with additional information encompassing expression, inhibitors, epitopes and pathways. This database is available at

World Health Organization has designated the Institute of Cytology and Preventive Oncology as “Global Knowledge Hub on Smokeless Tobacco”. The primary objective of this hub is to collect/create evidence for harmful effects of tobacco and develop a knowledgebase for different stakeholders. The hub will also work with other agencies to increase awareness about the harmful effects of SLT and evaluate the effects of various programs.